Ripped Abs Reviews – The Iron Gym For Fat Loss and Muscle Building at Home

Are you constantly searching for time to try to make it to the gym but keep putting it off? There is no need to invest in a gym membership if you don’t want to when you can get a simple piece of home gym equipment called the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar. I’ve spent a lot of time doing ripped abs reviews and trying things out on myself before I recommend them to clients. The pull up is one of my most recommended exercises for total upper body mass but until now it has been tough to do them at home unless you install special equipment.

The Iron Gym is simply a pull up bar with special brackets so that you can place it up on a door molding without having to do any installation on the door. The bracket on the bar rests on the door molding and your own body weight then pushes it into the top of the wall so that it doesn’t move. When you are finished, you can pull it back down and throw it in a closet or under your bed. The pull up is the best exercise for building the upper back muscles to get a wide v taper. Doing variations of pull-ups from different grips will allow you to fully work the back and it is also one of the best muscle building exercises for the biceps. If you want big arms you need to do reverse grip pull-ups.

There is a great way to turn the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar into a full on body fat-burning workout. When you take it off the door it rests on the ground and is perfect for doing deep pushups. For an added kick put your feet up and elevate them on a chair or bench. This will work the shoulders, chest, and triceps to tone them up or gain muscle depending on your goals. Pull-ups and push-ups are also good movements for developing the abs. When in position there is a lot of stabilization of the core muscles and the abdominals get worked indirectly. There are some other ways to gain muscle but this way is the most effective way to gain muscle and loss fat as well. visit us now!

workoutYou can do circuit style workouts with the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar to give yourself a fat burning body weight cardio routine. There are so many workout options for burning fat. Here is a sample routine you could do:

-Wide grip pull-ups

-Feet elevated push-ups

-Prisoner squats

-Hanging knee raises

This is just one quick circuit that you can run through 3 to 4 times within 15 minutes for a complete fat-burning and muscle-building workout from home. The possibilities are endless and the Iron Gym comes with a workout book to give you all the options you need to workout from home.

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